In my alternate reality I am a very successful lounge singer, or folk singer. Unfortunately I cannot play the piano, or guitar (Lord knows I tried), so that alternate reality doesn’t exist in my real life. Maybe I should create a lounge lizard avatar. I have written many songs but the music in my head cannot seem to jive with the lyrics in my pen. Occasionally I have bypassed the short circuit and written the perfect melody to accompany the lyrics. But then I can’t afford to record the song and even if I did have the money, I don’t have a band. Once upon a time I was desperately in need a very young musician/techno-geek Boyfriend in order to become a famous singer/songwriter. Unfortunately that ship sailed a long time ago and I am drowning in its wake. The world is spinning at warp speed and I remember using carbon paper in my manual typewriter. Therefore I am looking for a young musician/techno-geek Friend, who will help me become a famous singer/songwriter, out of the goodness of his/her heart. Actually, I have found a YMTGF but you must be patient. We’re working on it.

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