My new play, Mabel’s Bed, was chosen to participate at the Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre, Playwrights’ Colony, May 11-26, 2014. I spent two weeks holed up in Anchorage House on the Mount Allison Campus, Sackville, N.B., along with seven other playwrights. I astounded myself and my dramaturge, Don Hannah, by completing the first draft of a two act play (87 pages!). It’s amazing what one can accomplish with no distractions. It was my job to do nothing but write. By nine o’clock in the evening my brain was mush and so I went to the local video store and watched movies on my laptop. Others went out to socialize at the various watering holes but not me, since I rarely drink. My social time was at the kitchen table during meals we cooked for ourselves.

In the second week the actors arrived and all of the plays were given two readings with time in-between to re-write using suggestions from the actors and dramaturge. It was wonderful to hear the words brought to life by the talented actors. It was the most exhilarating, focused, productive two weeks I have ever experienced. Many thanks to Jenny Munday, Artistic Director of PARC, and all the dedicated staff who helped facilitate this amazing Playwrights’ Colony.

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  1. Joanna…9 o’clock sounds most sane for retiring to the bedroom! Our lives are filled with beauty, wonder, thinking, creating…some sensible downtime is a good thing. Congratulations on launching the blog. I know your energy is going into your next novel…but we also want to hear from you in between. Always my soul sister…always yours, Hedda.

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