Long John Silver

What do you do when you’re down and out
and there’s nothing but a hole in your pocket
I feel kind of mean when I got no money
but I sure feel good when I got it;

Money is the root of all evil so they say
but I don’t believe one word of it
A jingle in my pocket is music to my ears
cause it helps me forget my troubles and fears;

Wheeling and dealing makes the world go round
spinning that wheel of fortune
Hey there, sister, do you want to make a dime
You can’t buy now? Well, borrow on time
Step in line and borrow on time;

Long John Silver was a pirate long ago (CHORUS)
He had a wooden leg and a long-tailed coat
The pirates of today wear a shirt and tie
and they make their money, make their money, make their money
selling sugar-coated lies
Sugar coated lies, sugar coated lies;

We take a second mortgage and use a credit card
to buy us the things we’re craving
We can’t take it with us – so everybody says
So what’s the use in saving;

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