Homo Erectus

A Musical by
Joanna Gosse (libretto) & Donald Patriquin (music)

A light-hearted, musical about an artist
who discovers that womanly ambition is still considered a threat by alpha males
clinging stubbornly to the antiquated tradition of cavemanism.

Luciana Laurier is starring in a cabaret show at “Joe’s Dinner Theatre” along with her co-stars, Eddie, Jane and John, who rapidly become good friends. Lu quits her secretarial job and starts enjoying show biz life once again. However her fiancé, Peter, a consultant, is not pleased with this disturbing turn of events. His steady woman has abruptly metamorphosed into a diva and he no longer possesses a snuggling-in-front-of-the-TV companion. The angst is compounded when Lu’s daughter, Suzi, announces she wants to quit theatre school to join the cast of a mawkish TV drama.

Before long the Dinner Theatre gig is about to close and after a humiliating audition and a big fight with Peter, Lu promises to give up fickle show biz and channel her creativity as a writer in her spare time. However Peter soon discovers that Lu is writing a musical starring herself. Her friend, Eddie, who is not so secretly in love with Lu, finds an anonymous donor to back the workshop of her musical and becomes Lu’s conduit to fantasy, while her fiancé, Peter, becomes the anchor dragging her back to reality.

As Lu’s musical progresses we see her writing in almost every scene and Eddie, now Director of the musical, helps her put the story together and right before our eyes we see how an artist transforms mundane reality into the heightened illusion of poetry and songs.

Peter doesn’t give up his hold on Luciana easily and she is soon grappling with emotional and professional turmoil. Luciana and her daughter, Suzi, have a heart to heart discussion about Lu’s talent and the fact that Peter is the wrong man for her mother. Lu and Peter split up and Suzi agrees to finish school.

Three months later, as Lu, Eddie, Jane, John and Suzi hold a workshop of Lu’s new musical, another crisis occurs when Jane dumps John, who has a drinking problem. Then Peter shows up at Lu’s dressing room and tries to win her back again. Eddie interrupts, fists start flying and Peter is soon lying on the floor with a bloody nose. Lu is outraged with this exhibition of macho idiocy, says her final goodbye to Peter and throws Eddie out of her dressing room. All this commotion threatens to sabotage Lu’s musical.

Lu discovers that Eddie is the anonymous backer for the musical and has mortgaged his house to make Lu’s dream come true. It’s hard for Lu to ignore a man who has proved so devoted to her. On the opening night of Lu’s musical, Eddie surprises Lu with a big neon sign flashing:

starring Luciana Laurier

Lu’s musical dream has come true. Write it and it will happen!

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