Play – Happy!

My play, The Lie Speaker, was chosen by Infinitheatre to be part of The Unit!! My play, along with six other plays, will be supported and dramaturged for a year, culminating in a reading festival in September 2016. Check out Infinitheatre website for more information:

If my play had not been chosen by The Unit, I was going to sulk for a few days, curse that back-stabbing Muse bitch, and then get on with the business of writing. But sometimes Plan A works and I am now happily writing The Lie Speaker, which is based on my novel, LIAR. If you can’t wait for the play you can purchase the book version at Amazon. Of course it will be dramatically different, even though some of the content will be the same. Condensing 314 pages into 90 minutes on stage will need a magician’s vision. All writers conjure words from thin air, but playwrights have the added burden (or joy) of imagining a world that speaks directly to the emotions. The theatre is an unusual realm confined only by the arbitrary borders of the stage and the bums in the seats. There is no time to slowly understand a character or situation. “This is who I am. Jump into my world and swim with me.”

The Unit will meet in November for two, exciting, exhausting days. Check out my blog for more news mid-November.

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