I hope that once this website is up and running my weekly posts will become almost easy. However, until then I am a basket case as I try to decide what to put where, how should it look, what do I start with first. Last July I was so happy to finally retire from years of day jobbing agony as a secretary. Yes, I know, secretaries are now called administrative assistants but that’s just another name for a secretary. Now I am my own secretary being paid nothing as I squeak by on my tiny pension. But I’m more content, or at least I was until I decided it was necessary to do a website or die trying. I’ve been trying for a long time. Anyone who says it’s easy to do your own website is either lying, or they are those rare people who love technology and are undaunted by it. I am the first to admit that I am daunted.

However, if you moan loud and long about the desperate need for a website, and no money to pay for one, someone will finally hear you, take pity and help. Enter Bill Jamshedji, who is patiently pushing me down the perilous path to self-publishing.

I used to be a dancer/singer/actor and then I added writer/secretary to the slashes. I have now deleted secretary because it is no longer a career since every human being on the planet can type/text/twitter and are obliged to be their own secretaries. I often change the slash priority depending on what is pre-eminent. I have three resumes: one lists my acting credits; the second one lists my writing talents; the third one lists my administrative assistant credentials (actually the third resume has been deleted). I am way too versatile for my own good. I have learned and conquered a lot in my life. But I am still daunted by technology.

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