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Writing Poetry

Don’t ask me to explain poetry. I just write it down when it comes – often unbidden. Sometimes I will place a poem in my not so secret blog and also post it in the poetry section. Just because. It could be either/or. One can inspire the other. The prose becomes a poem because sometimes prose just doesn’t cut it.


The endless search
for what is self
cannot be bound in books
upon a shelf
cannot be found in portraits
that others paint of you
Words of wisdom
fall on deaf ears
not to be believed
Others have travelled
this road, before
and will again,
though the path be worn,
but there is always another poem
another story to be told
though the many characters be old,
There is an endless space
between what others see
and what we really want to be.


so I write
My back aches fiercely
sending sciatic messages
shooting accurately
down my thigh
but it isn’t pain
keeping me awake
it is my landlord,
His girlfriend
is moving in next door
he isn’t mine
He would like to try me
and I him
I’m horny, it’s spring
He has the most wonderful
mouth, full, firm
with curling edges
ready to smile,
Crete-blue eyes
His barrel chest
stands on short legs
yet he is lithe and graceful
an interesting mixture
makes me curious
to see his body, naked
I feel their relationship
is inconvenient
I could be wrong
I would like to show him
the error of his ways
but I am a lady
he must come to me
I have sent unwritten messages
He is kind, so am I
Surface ripples
delicately dancing
towards coupling
A stone
could easily ruin
infinitely possible perfection.