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LIAR is a disturbing glimpse into a reality based on illusion. China Collins’ passionate mid-life marriage to Sam Eagle, an aboriginal lawyer, seems to be all she’d ever hoped for. However, she slowly realizes that Sam isn’t quite what he’d seemed.

Fragments of China’s poetry and her journal entries provide a fascinating glimpse into her perception of a situation that has bound itself deeply into her life, and that refuses to be unbound without a struggle.


This is a very sexy book! It is a portrait of a disintegration, not only of a marriage but of a person because China loses herself in this relationship.

Angela Antle, CBC Radio

This novel is a warning, and as such it fulfills its responsibilities impeccably. Gosse has drawn back the veil and shown us that the narrative of domestic manipulation speaks in many tongues, wears many faces, exists in many cultures.

Joanne Soper-Cook, Essays on Canadian Writing



LIAR is about a woman’s mid-life marriage to a pathological liar, the demon lover, and her unique escape from the love that enslaves.

Winning! What would you do if you won 10 million dollars? Two women discover that winning the lottery can have unusual consequences.

Stairway To Paradise: Victoria Kean’s journey will appeal to the creative spirit in all of us. Her insights into human motivation fill the pages with highly sensual and artistic energy. Her life has been dictated by the pursuit of love, lust, happiness, fame and ultimately, the Muse.