Angel Exchange

We all have Angels in our lives. Sometimes they live in our families, but sometimes they can be strangers who become good friends for a short or a long while. And often the relationship becomes what I call an Angel Exchange. The connections travel both ways. I must assume the Angel gives me something I need for the satisfaction of helping. I accept their gifts and hope that one day I will be able to return the favour. Or maybe my joy is enough. I never ask my Angels why.

A few days before Christmas I had the joy of recording the song I wrote for my grand-daughter, Kayla (Eyes of a Child). I watched my Angel, appropriately named Angie Arsenault, YTGMF (young, techno-geek musician friend) use computer software to record my voice to music she had already recorded. Her fingers flew over the computer keyboard (usually they’re flying over the piano keyboard) to marry my words and voice with her music and producing expertise. Please check out Angie’s website ( and you will see that she is a beautiful singer, savvy, eclectic producer who refuses to have her creations restricted by borders.

Angie encouraged me to use my lower range, to sing more in my chest and throat instead of using my classically trained head voice. Singing with a microphone can be a much more intimate experience. You can soften and whisper chosen notes, or growl and use breathy consonants to colour the lyrics. The recording session was over too soon. I wanted to stay in the studio forever, experiment with all the different sounds I could make, bring out every song I ever wrote and sing it differently. But Angie has her own projects to breathe life into. I am just so grateful that she took the time to be my Angel. It’s not ready yet. She will mix and harmonize, add this and that, and deliver the precious song to me in a few weeks. But wait – there’s more. I will then call another Angel to help me combine the song with pictures of Kayla until the video and song is ready to be posted on my website. Please be patient.

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