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LIAR is about a woman’s mid-life marriage to a pathological liar, the demon lover, and her unique escape from the love that enslaves.

Winning! What would you do if you won 10 million dollars? Two women discover that winning the lottery can have unusual consequences.

Stairway To Paradise: Victoria Kean’s journey will appeal to the creative spirit in all of us. Her insights into human motivation fill the pages with highly sensual and artistic energy. Her life has been dictated by the pursuit of love, lust, happiness, fame and ultimately, the Muse.

Dear Dollface

Dear Dollface: A serious comedy about the nutty mistress and stoic wife of an alcoholic philanderer. Who is the bigger villain? The ‘other’ woman, the wife ‘enabler’, or the man who preys on the vulnerabilities of two women?

Dear Dollface Poster


Gosse has theatrical poise, vivacity and a vibrant voice you would forgive most things for. The show has a considerable vein of sardonic comedy and shrewd insights into the quiddities of human sexual behavior and of marital and extramarital relationships.

-Gordon Jones, The Evening Telegram

As Joanna played Norma, she spilled, sprawled, bumped as she gave voice to her disappointment and expansive daydreams. Her energy and exuberance permeated the production.

-Sandra Price, Queen Charlotte Islands Observer










I hope that once this website is up and running my weekly posts will become almost easy. However, until then I am a basket case as I try to decide what to put where, how should it look, what do I start with first. Last July I was so happy to finally retire from years of day jobbing agony as a secretary. Yes, I know, secretaries are now called administrative assistants but that’s just another name for a secretary. Now I am my own secretary being paid nothing as I squeak by on my tiny pension. But I’m more content, or at least I was until I decided it was necessary to do a website or die trying. I’ve been trying for a long time. Anyone who says it’s easy to do your own website is either lying, or they are those rare people who love technology and are undaunted by it. I am the first to admit that I am daunted.

However, if you moan loud and long about the desperate need for a website, and no money to pay for one, someone will finally hear you, take pity and help. Enter Bill Jamshedji, who is patiently pushing me down the perilous path to self-publishing.

I used to be a dancer/singer/actor and then I added writer/secretary to the slashes. I have now deleted secretary because it is no longer a career since every human being on the planet can type/text/twitter and are obliged to be their own secretaries. I often change the slash priority depending on what is pre-eminent. I have three resumes: one lists my acting credits; the second one lists my writing talents; the third one lists my administrative assistant credentials (actually the third resume has been deleted). I am way too versatile for my own good. I have learned and conquered a lot in my life. But I am still daunted by technology.


Margot came to visit my new apartment, admired this and that, strolled into my bedroom, saw the single bed and said “That’s quite a statement.” I laughed and then I wanted to cry. I certainly never intended my single status (and bed) to be a statement. It is rather the pathetic result of Fate’s evil machinations and poor financial planning. It has nothing to do with a paucity of romance. Everyone would prefer a double bed to roam around in, with company, or without. But when you can’t afford to splash out on a big bed, you are grateful for the comfortable single bed upon which you dream.

This is what happened: I divorced the pathological liar (read my novel LIAR) and left the double bed with him. I moved back to St. John’s to live with my Mom and nursed her through a back fracture as she nursed me through another failed romance. She died a year and a half later, just before LIAR was published and I inherited two single beds and other sundry antiques. I then moved back to Montreal, pushed the two single beds together and had a king-size bed. Although a few men passed my threshold, none were suitable and the king-size bed remained chaste. Twelve years later I moved into a smaller apartment and had to choose between the purchase of a new couch or a double bed. I have a new couch.

A double bed indicates that you are still interested in rolling around with company and there is a possibility, however remote, that a suitable man might could maybe be placing his shoes under it. A single bed says, I am not internet dating, have taken vows of chastity and redundancy. I am a nun.

I am presently saving for a double bed, possibly queen. Meanwhile, surely my erstwhile knight in shining armor has a king-size bed in his apartment???