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The Deal

What would you do if you won 10 million? My new book, The Deal, is now ready on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. When I came to the page where the win is revealed it felt amazing! But there’s always a catch. And there had to be a catch because after winning there’s only one thing left to do. Go shopping. End of book. So something more intriguing had to happen. You’ll have to read the book to find out what The Deal is.

Fate is determined to shake the souls of Dani and Mary
who discover
that winning the lottery can have unusual consequences.


My first novel, LIAR, is about a woman’s mid-life marriage to a pathological liar.  China Collins falls in love/lust with Sam Eagle, an aboriginal lawyer, whose favorite method of communication is plenty of sex. China is at first thrilled by her body’s wild response to Sam’s lusty manipulation but before long she realizes that her demon lover is using her to hide his lies.  We all lie to survive in a very complicated world. Lies of omission, defensive lies, polite lies. We lie to protect ourselves and others – the good lies. And then there are the dangerous lies, the ones that hurt, manipulate and destroy lives.

Please read the sample of LIAR. The ebook (Kindle edition) is now on Amazon, as well as the paperback.

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  1. That’s one helluver website my dear friend. I knew you were astonishingly talented, but this is the proof. We are more alike than you might think, as I share so many of your comments/philosophies. I have far too many slashes on my CV as well …. I recently heard (on a tv ‘chat’ between Jeffrey Archer & Donald Sinden) that most of us end up doing the second best thing we wanted to do …. it’s frighteningly true! Don’t undervalue your typing skills – almost everyone I know types with one or two fingers! I’d go crazy at the slowness of that…. Best of luck with the plays.
    Your biggest fan

  2. This is one talented lady! I loved “Liar” as it rang true ( old boyfriend). Joanna is sliding into a new era and we can expect many surprises! Look forward to following JoJo’s entertaining life.

  3. You are an amazingly resilient woman Joanna! I’m honoured to be a friend. I love the plain and direct communication that emanates from the website. Bravo! I’m adding you to my favourites.

  4. The site looks great and I encourage all to read LIAR…it’s a real page turner. Looking forward to following this talented woman! Brian, London UK

  5. How wonderful to see my amazingly talented friend break out into the online world! I’ll be keeping a close eye (and ear) on this page. 😉
    Bravo Joanna!!

  6. Jo, I read your novel Liar and really enjoyed it . It has everything: love, betrayal, sex, deceit, friendship, secrets and poetry- all coming together in the magical landscape of The Queen Charlotte Islands. I can’t wait for the sequel. Carolyn

  7. Dear Joanna
    Your website has to be one of the best I have seen in a long time.
    I enjoyed it and it will be the start of good stuff to come.
    Now for sure I can say I knew you when.


    1. Hi Dyane, Thank you so much for your passisonate pre-review of my book, LIAR. I look forward to your full review once you have had the time to read the whole book. I’ll sign it for you sometime soon. Joanna

  8. OK….I did this “subscribe” back gawd knows when. I tried to sign up again and it tells me I am already signed up. Grrrrrr. Whats goin on luv?

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